Health Insurance Claims Management Software

The National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association (NHCAA) estimates that health insurance fraud results in losses of tens of billions of dollars every year. These fraudulent claims increase premiums for private insurance policyholders and the national debt. believes that health insurance claims management software will offer an easier way to detect fraud early and reduce the associated expenses. Health insurance claims processing software will also help to increase efficiency in all claims processing by automating claims processing for clear cases while alerting human intervention specifically when red flags occur. Medical AI may also help health insurance providers detect patterns that are more subtle than current algorithms and expertise would notice through deep machine learning available in artificial intelligence programming.

Using Medical AI in Combating Health Insurance Fraud

Health insurance fraud, as well as Medicare and Medicaid fraud, is a serious problem. While individuals are sometimes to blame, oftentimes it is hospitals, clinics, or medical practices that are at fault. Some of the common forms of health insurance fraud, which also apply to Medicare and Medicaid fraud, include the following.

  • Billing for excessive services
  • Billing for services not rendered
  • Billing for unnecessary services
  • Duplicating claims
  • Using improper codes ("upcoding") for items provided for in services
  • Using improper codes ("upcoding") for services
  • Unbundling claims for higher total payments

Health insurance claims management software can be trained to look for signs of these sources of fraud and alert the relevant people as soon as potentially suspicious activity is identified. Medical AI can be used to detect new patterns of the use of specific coding and billing techniques common to fraudulent activity to make better decisions over time.

Other Applications of AI in Health Insurance

AI can also be used in health insurance to automate claims processing. With automated fraud detection in place, less human intervention is necessary to move towards the actual claims processing stage. AI systems can be used to check claims against specific policies, codes, providers, and the like to correct common mistakes with little or no human intervention. Medical AI can be used to assist in the underwriting process, with AI systems working to gather all the relevant information about policyholders and adjusting the policies and premiums to match. Medical AI has also been used for chatbots that assist policyholders with their questions about coverage and claims, helping to direct them to the most appropriate care covered under their policies and bringing clarity to an otherwise intellectually tasking and tedious process. Finally, AI has been used in health insurance to flag potential problems and encourage lifestyle and treatment changes to prevent larger health problems from occurring. The potential for artificial intelligence to improve health insurance claims management is ever expanding.

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