From a Time When Software Still Came in Boxes

DDA continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in digital with its signature synergistic approach, combining beauty of form with robust functionality and intensive interactivity to keep audiences informed, engaged, and empowered. The formation of its new division marks its introduction into the field of medical AI software development, the last iteration of a long history of pioneering new technologies designed to benefit of medical organizations as well as businesses of all kinds.

2019 is a big year for DDA, as it marks 25 years of continual industry-leading innovation in the digital world. Established in 1994, DDA was entering a new-born market at a time when digital media was still not widely adopted in the business world. DDA positioned itself as pivotal player powering the digital revolution, becoming one of the very first marketing and advertising companies that was firmly rooted in the digital realm. DDA announced its own arrival and the coming tidal wave of digital technology early on with custom oversized postcards reading "Digital Is Cool" and "Catch the Digital Wave." From the beginning, DDA effectively demonstrated the superiority of working in an all-digital environment, where image manipulation, color correction, and other customizations are handled more efficiently and to greater effect, by establishing itself as the very first digital photography studio in Pennsylvania. And that was just the beginning...

DDA's position as an industry leader was reinforced with each expansion of its capabilities. The company was one of the first all-digital animation and video studios in the country. In 1996, years before SEO became a ubiquitous industry buzzword, DDA had developed some of the first successful search engine marketing and optimization strategies. Some of the most sophisticated search engine optimized websites that one could find on the early World Wide Web included numerous examples of DDA's custom designs and programming, including outstanding eCommerce websites that would in time help define the industry standard in the field. The expectations that users bring to the web have been defined in no small part by DDA's early work.

As the digital world grew, DDA grew alongside it, with more and more capabilities being offered with every passing year. Some of the first additions to DDA's capabilities included custom software and database development, 3D modeling and animation, and a new SureThing™ search engine optimization program that continually improves the presentation of even established websites that were not created by DDA through proprietary website retrofitting processes. DDA brought full transparency into its billing process with the establishment of its original TRAC (Time Resource and Accounting) system, which allows the company to detail and categorize how time was spent working on every one of its projects. This way, each client has a full understanding of budget expenditures upon invoicing. This program is just one of numerous examples of DDA's long-standing commitment to doing business ethically.

Some of the most intriguing expansions of DDA's comprehensive list of capabilities have come about in the past decade. This includes new interactive features and tracking mechanisms for live and archived streaming webcasts, new methods of website analysis, in-house copywriting, and powerful customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Additions to DDA's capabilities also include Personal Health Records management tools, website design optimized for iOS and mobile devices, further growth of mobile apps design and development capabilities, medical database development for clinical research support, and the development of incredibly innovative virtual medical simulations. DDA continues to be a trailblazer in all things digital. DDA's industry leadership was acknowledged numerous times during the same period. During this time, the company received one award for being one of the ten most dependable search engine marketing firms of the United States, two unsolicited awards for website of the year for the emergency contraception website, and the first ever annual Tabby Award for Best Healthcare iPad App of 2012 for the Philips Xperguide virtual medical simulation application.

About the Tabby Awards and TabTimes

DDA's receipt of the first annual Tabby Award for Best Healthcare iPad App of 2012 reinforced DDA's principal role in the development of both mobile applications and virtual medical simulations: This was the first and only worldwide contest for the best iPad, Android, and Windows 8 tablet apps in the industry and came courtesy of TabTimes, the online media distribution channel for information about the use of tablets and apps designed for these devices. DDA's President, David Katz, wrote about DDA's virtual medical simulation technology for a front page article in Medical Design News; click the following link to learn more about this exciting and still new technology: DDA would later win a second Tabby Award for Best Healthcare and Pharmaceutical iPad App in 2014, for its Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Collaboration and Deep Learning Tool, the ETHOS Engage.

About is an AI software development company focused on creating custom medical artificial intelligence solutions that are more affordable and accessible for a broader range of medical organizations. Founded as a division of Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA), is built from DDA’s 25-year history of leading interactive software design and development for medical organizations and businesses of all kinds. Having helped launch numerous innovations in medical eLearning, including video-based continuing medical education (CME) and other medical eLearning platforms, virtual medical simulations, peer-to-peer (P2P) collaboration and deep learning applications, medical diagnostic and research platforms, and more, has the experience and capabilities necessary to push medical AI development forward.

Now stands ready to put its signature holistic synergistic approach to design and development for use in the creation of custom AI platforms. Its diverse staff of programmers, web developers, graphic designers, animators, copywriters, SEO specialists, and more allows it to create original and engaging software that brings a deeper understanding to any topic. This extensive range of capabilities also allows to keep all development in house, allowing for firm control from concept to completion. Whatever you have in mind for medical AI, whether its a clinical decision support (CDS) system, health insurance claims management software, virtual health and lifestyle coach, medical appointment scheduling and patient management software, or something else, has the skills and experience to provide you with an original artificial intelligence system that accelerates productivity, improves efficiency, deepens understanding, and drives long-term growth.

Learn more about the advantages AI offers to medical organizations by exploring this website, or if you have a particular need in mind you wish to discuss, contact today.

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