AI Telehealth Technology

Telehealth and telemedicine are helping medical professionals reach more patients at more times than ever before. The benefits of telehealth technology range from extending healthcare services (especially from specialists) into smaller rural areas, to keeping greater long-term engagement with patients. is a medical AI software development company specializing in healthcare applications that are custom to each client's particular need while remaining affordable for a much larger number of medical organizations and healthcare practices. sees a wealth of potential to implementing virtual health services through telehealth technology.

AI Telemedicine for Patient Monitoring and Reporting

Artificial intelligence can be used in telehealth and telemedicine apps for patient monitoring and reporting. Using medical devices, AI telehealth technology can monitor vital signs like blood pressure, blood sugar, pulse, physical activity, and other health markers and report this information to an electronic health records database. This information can then be used in clinical decision support (CDS) systems to help diagnose potential problems or update treatment to improve outcomes. The AI telemedicine app can also monitor for negative signs and make recommendations to help users practice better self-care, and when vital signs indicate more serious problems, the medical AI app can help the user schedule an appointment with a doctor or get to an emergency room in life-threatening situations.

Medical AI in Virtual Physician Visits

Artificial intelligence can be used to help offload some of the initial patient inquiries during a virtual physician visit to a chatbot or other virtual AI health assistant. Natural language processing can combine with medical AI to advance the initial screening questions and dive deeper into topics of specific concern based on the initial patient responses. This information can then be compiled for the doctor's review prior to the consultation, so time during the actual virtual physician visit can be spent on finding the right treatments for the patient instead of understanding the problem to be addressed. AI telehealth can also help primary care doctors quickly find the best specialist(s) to meet patient needs under their health insurance policy, and when virtual physician visits are with specialists, the AI telehealth technology can automatically update the patient electronic health records upon clinical input to keep the primary care doctor informed and maintain a consistent record of health history and treatment.

AI Telehealth Technology for Virtual Medical Clinics

Telemedicine can be used in virtual medical clinics to schedule, coordinate, and facilitate care. AI appointment and task scheduling can organize workflows at virtual medical clinics. During virtual physician visits, AI telehealth can be used to automatically update electronic health records (EHR), which can be used in EHR analytics software to better inform diagnosis and care. Virtual instant care clinics can also use AI telehealth technology to allow people with more general and less threatening concerns like minor injuries or illnesses see nurse practitioners for quick and inexpensive care. AI will help to automate more aspects of telemedicine to improve efficiency and focus time on quality health care.

AI Telemedicine in Virtual Health Services

Telehealth technology can use artificial intelligence to deliver higher quality virtual health services. Chatbots can be used for initial screening to offer pre-diagnostic assessments that can be used by diagnosticians in integrated clinical decision support (CDS) systems. Artificial intelligence can also play a role in helping to fulfill scripts at the best cost to the consumer based upon local and other pharmacy options and the patient's specific health insurance policy.

About is a medical AI software development company committed to making artificial intelligence solutions more accessible and affordable to a wider number of medical organizations and practices. As a division of long-time interactive software developer DDA, has over 30 years of history innovating original, custom designed and developed platforms for medical practices, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical developers, and other medical organizations. Learn more about how artificial intelligence will improve the practice and delivery of health care by navigating through this website, or if you have a specific challenge you want to address with medical AI, contact today.

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